Mollie Sitzer

What do you do at PGAdesign?

I work on a plethora of projects at various phases. A thing I love about landscape architecture is that it encompasses so many different facets of industry, so it’s a constant learning process. Each day is different, switching between drawing formats, coordinating with teams, and collaborating with fellow designers.

What is your favorite landscape space and why?

The easy answer is to say I don’t have just one, which is true, however, I have a deep love for the Sierra Nevada and high Alpine environments. I love backpacking and hiking and I find solace in those otherworldly landscapes. On the other side, I also have a soft spot for community gardens in an urban setting. They are indispensable to the health of residences, and there is meaning in caring for a space that provides for you even in the densest corners of a concrete jungle.

Why did you decide to pursue landscape architecture?

Early on, I found landscape architecture to embody many of my interests: woodworking, art and art history, architecture, horticulture, etc. I was fascinated by the number of paths one could take when entering the field. It only seemed natural and right that I take on this study.

What do you enjoy most about landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture forces you to look at systems from a holistic point of view. Things are interconnected both at a micro and macro level. This mindset generates more equitable questions and subsequent answers when dealing with complex problems like climate resiliency and rapid urban growth.

What was your favorite recent vacation?

I recently went on a weekend trip to the Russian River and spent the afternoon by the water. It’s incredibly calm and serene and being in a body of water always soothes my soul. The redwoods are a bonus.