About Us: Collaboration and Creativity

PGAdesign is an award-winning landscape architectural studio in Oakland, California. We create memorable, inclusive places that become central to their communities. We prioritize design and bring vision to our projects. Our work spans housing, education, parks and preserves, commercial, transportation, and trails projects, as well as historic preservation and contemporary design in historic settings.

Our designs significantly impact and improve the urban fabric. They provide regional infrastructure, world-class accessible play, and sustainable multi-family housing. Our designs at the UC Berkeley campus impact a generation of students and the surrounding community.

We recognize the breadth of people and cultures who have lived and continue to live in the landscapes in which we work. Whether we are rehabilitating a much-loved neighborhood park or foregrounding Indigenous experiences, we value understanding contemporary and historic context, and balancing community desires with program requirements. Our extensive portfolio of projects in the public realm gives us deep experience working with communities and understanding their priorities.

We believe that sustainable design should be inherent to the built environment. Our projects are water efficient and integrate site-appropriate vegetation and improve urban living. Our ongoing education ensures the continual revision of best practices. We understand that sustainable practices not only conserve and protect natural resources, but can also fulfill project visions and resolve our clients’ budget challenges.

PGAdesign has a strong reputation of meeting client needs. We care deeply about the communities we work within, and prioritize responsiveness and accuracy. Stemming from our long history in the Bay Area, we bring thorough knowledge about the region to our projects.

In our projects, we forge successful partnerships with stakeholders—owners, agencies, tribal councils, institutions, developers, engineers, and architects—affording us active leadership in the design process. Working at the cusp of emerging practices allows us to seamlessly collaborate with our clients and partners.

PGAdesign was founded in 1979. We are a woman-owned Small Business Enterprise.